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Fiberglass Fishing Boats

We are China based Fiberglass Fishing Boats Manufacturer & Exporter. Various types of boats available in this category are panga boats and small fiberglass fishing boats. Through this range, we have set better standards in the segment of glass fishing boats for freshwater as well as saltwater. The outer surface is absolutely shimmering and its internal compartment & installed components add to its durability and performance. Assured to provide a smooth and dry ride, the best fiberglass fishing boats which give complete value for the money are on sale here.

Features of Fiberglass Fishing Boats :

  • Deck Type: Big deck with fiberglass double deck
  • Hull Type: Deep V hull
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Boat Type: Fishing Boat
  • Model: Open Fiberglass Fishing Boat
  • Other Key Features: Small horsepower, Heavy-duty fiberglass, Competitive affordable price, High bow easily work for stormy waves, Sandwich Panel, Incredible speed and produces less noise, Fiberglass Reinforced & Optional consoles and seats for choice
Product Image (FRP 420)

Liya 4.2m Small Size Fiberglass Fishing Boat

Price: 5000.00 - 8000.00 USD ($)/Piece

small fiberglass boat

Product Image (Panga 580)

Liya 5.8m/19 Feet Fiberglass Panga Boat Water Taxi Passenger Tour Boat For Sale

Price: 5000.00 - 15000.00 USD ($)/Piece

tourist taxi boat

Product Image (19ft/5.8m PangaSW580)

Liya 5.8m Fiberglass Boat With Center Console Panga Fishing Boats For Sale

Price: 5000.00 USD ($)/Piece

5.8m Fiberglass Boat with center console

Product Image (16.5ft/5m Panga LY50)

Liya 5m Commercial Fishing Boat Fiberglass Boats For Sale

Price: 5000.00 USD ($)/Piece

5m Commercial Fishing Boat

Product Image (25ft/7.6m PangaSW760)

Liya 7.6m Fiberglass Panga Fishing Boats Sprot Tour Boat For Sale

Price: 10000.00 - 25000.00 USD ($)/Piece

7.6m fiberglass panga fishing boats

Product Image (19ft/5.8m SW580B)

Liya 5.8m/19ft Fiberglass Passenger Boat for sale

Price: 5500.00 - 20000.00 USD ($)/Piece

5.8m Fiberglass Passenger Boat

Product Image (25ft/7.6m PangaSW760)

Liya 25ft Panga Boat Fishing Boat Fiberglass Speed Boats For Sale

Price: 12000.00 - 25000.00 USD ($)/Piece

25ft Panga Boat

Product Image (16.5ft/5m Panga LY50)

Liya 5m Fiberglass Fishing Boat Small Work Boat Frp Speed Motor Boats For Sale

Price: 5500.00 - 25000.00 USD ($)/Piece

5m Fiberglass Fishing Boat

Product Image (19ft/5.8m PangaSW580)

Liya 19 Feet Fiberglass Panga Fishing Boat

Price: 12000.00 - 20000.00 USD ($)/Piece

Fiberglass Panga Fishing Boat

Product Image (13ft/4.2m panga 420-760)

Liya 4.2m-7.6m Commercial Fiberglass Fishing Boat Panga Sport Boats For Sale

Price: 3500.00 - 25000.00 USD ($)/Piece

Fiberglass Fishing Boats